Frequenty Asked Questions

(Answers are according to Shafi’ī Fiqh)

It is strongly recommended for at least one person in a household to make Qurban, but not compulsory.

It is recommended to avoid shaving and clipping the nails during the said period, but it is not haram to do so.

Qurban can be slaughtered beginning from Eid prayers and khutbah (sermon) on 10 DzulHijjah, to sunset of 13 DzulHijjah.

If the Qurban is sunnah, it is compulsory to donate a portion of the meat. The sunnah is to donate a third, give a third, and keep a third, but a better sunnah is to donate all, and–if possible– just eat a part of the liver.

If the Qurban is compulsory (by nazar/vow), then all of the meat must be donated.

A cow or camel can be shared by seven. A goat/sheep can only be named for one person. However, you can intend to share the reward with as many people as you like.

Yes, you can; provided they have given permission. Without permission, you can intend to share the reward. A parent can do Qurban for their children, but from the parent’s money and not the child’s.

Some scholars allow it, but if one can afford it, it is better to separate the two deeds, as some scholars prohibit it.

May Allah accept our Qurban, and all our good deeds and grant us all Jannah.