Qurban 2021

“So pray and sacrifice to your Lord ˹alone˺.”
Surah Al-Kawthar : 2

Qurban Indonesia

Goat $xxx

The Qurban will be performed in Indonesia and its meat will be distributed in ________, Indonesia.

An e-Certificate for the Qurban will be issued after the Qurban has been performed.

” I commission the project administrators to manage my Qurban on my behalf for the sake of Allah ﷻ.”

Closing Date: xx July 2021

Payment Method

PayNow to UEN 201415892K001
Bank Name: United Overseas Bank (UOB)
Bank Account Name: Rubat Singapura Pte Ltd
Bank Account No.: 3303197719

Screenshot your proof of payment & upload it at the end of this form.

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